Friday, January 15, 2010

Its coming from where????

Oh, the frustration of not getting things done....

The windscreen saga continues. The first one delivered to Autoglass in December arrived damaged and couldn't be fitted so another was ordered. Its now mid January and the clock is ticking down to the MOT expiry date and our motorhome won't pass with a cracked screen. Which in turn means that we'll be off the road and delayed for our journey to Portugal.

With no news about the replacement I started to make my own enquiries as to what the current situation was. Swift confirmed that they had stock but couldn't say whether there was an order outstanding for mine. Autoglass were very helpful at a local level but had to enquire about progress through their 'central ordering office'. Arghh, modern streamlining starting to creep in and in my experience that means problems!

Several reminder phone calls later it appears the buyer is waiting for a response from his contact in..... Italy! - The local office couldn't explain why Italy either.

I told Autoglass that the manufacturer is in Yorkshire and have the screen in stock.

Hopefully we'll have an update today.


  1. Hi Neil, this looks like one to watch. Well done, keep it up.

  2. Hi
    Picked up your blog from FUN. Will add you to my blog list.I do a motorhome blog but also blog about anything interesting that happens.