Monday, January 18, 2010

Progress? - I hope so...

No news from Autoglass prompted another phonecall to them this morning for an update. Amazingly the depot I spoke to on Friday afternoon had been closed down that evening! Their workload has been transferred to Essex and their computer systems were down so could I ring back later!

At times like these I wonder - is it just me?

Anyway, I've just got off the phone to them and apparently their Pennine depot is collecting my screen from the Swift factory today and it will be relayed down the country to my nearest depot for fitting in a couple of days.....

MOT expires this week so I have many fingers crossed.


  1. I really hope that you get it this time Neil. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Keith, At this moment the screen is somewhere between Yorkshire and East Anglia! I'm expecting a call to arrange fitting by Tuesday..... we'll see.