Saturday, February 27, 2010

21st Feb - Another day at Mimizan

She says...

Another day in Mimizan and we saw so much more sunshine. The beach itself takes on a whole new look from moody and menacing to warm and inviting. Plenty of walkers with children and dogs but still this beautiful wide beach looks deserted. We met another English couple today on their way south but they were to be more adventurous than us, apparently going on to Salamanca whereas we had our sights set on the Capbreton area.

Here comes the whoops! Well you will be used to this by now - we have one everyday! In preparation for a fairly (for us) early start the next day we or rather, he, filled up some water bottles we had acquired as we did not wish to get caught out without again and in doing so Mr He-man did his back in - so maybe we won't be going too far tomorrow at all. Anyhow a few laps round the car park told us that it hurt! So who knows what the night and tomorrow will bring - had I better hone my driving skills?

After dinner we watched another film, really enjoying the ready electricity and this time it was Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling in Fracture - a good one if you missed it! Don't think it is that old!

He says...

I picked up 4x5ltr bottles of water to keep as a reserve when my back went - OUCH!!!. Barely able to get back to the van Caroline had to help me inside and get the water in. Feeling a lot of pain I wondered what we were to do next? I'm not actually sure what I did for a while as it hurt to sit, stand, walk or anything. Nurse Caroline recommended that I keep moving so gingerly we tried a stroll around the aire.

One thing was sure - we would be staying at least another day as driving would be out of the question, there could be worse places to be laid up.

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