Saturday, February 27, 2010

22nd Feb - On the road again

She says...

We made our getaway as planned and so far I have not been driving.

Southwards we travel first to Seignosse to have a look at wherre we knew an Aire was being renovated or constructed. seems to be all singing and dancing with the lovely bollards that you think will rise into the cab beside you just as you pass over it. We decide to give it a miss and go on to Contis Plage. Certainly a lovely place but with the weather we were having thought it might be a little wild. took a walk to the beach and decided once more to move on. This time to Capbreton where we stopped for lunch but with everything turned off we decided to move on again.

So finally we make it to Biarritz and with quick visit to the beach it is now time to make dinner and with electric thrown in of course, another film - our stock will run down very quickly at this rate. Our supernarket purchases from Christmas gift money are keeping us well entertained so thanks Mum and Dad and also John who saved us all his Daily Mail freebies! Poorly back

Not before I demand a little cruelly that my poor old photographer attempts the sunset. Think he did good!

He says...

24 hours later there was a little improvement in my back so we headed off after a leisurely start to the day. We called in at an aire at Contis Plage just a little further down the coast but didn't stay as there was little to see - Mimizan kind of spoils you! The next stop was Capbreton where we had spent a couple of days last summer, it's a very busy aire with all services available..... not this time! 4 or 5 vans were there, no electricity available and the water services were all disrupted due to construction work. So, a quick look at the beach and we were off again.

Our original plan was to stop at St Jean de Luz before leaving France but, I had been given advice that it was a very small aire and quite noisy so we chose Biarritz instead. A very busy aire but plenty of space and close to the southern end of the town and the fabulous shoreline. 10 Euro for the night - our most expensive nightstop yet - sad to see some motorhomers departing just before the police arrive to collect, then reappear for the night after the police have left. I still wasn't up to much walking but, encouraged to do so, went down to the beach at sunset with my camera - what a fantastic place!

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