Saturday, February 27, 2010

23rd Feb - The sun has got his hat on!

She says...

The coast just across the road from the Aire is absolutely stunning. We walked along the pathway towards Spain and its lovely mountains which we think we can see in the distance still have a little snow. Today however it is the rollers that are just breathtaking, smashing down on a few rocks that lie just off the waters edge. An old gentleman speaking in a language we recognise  that is Spanish tells us that the birds perched on top of the rocks are cormorants and that they can see fish from 200 metres away! Wish we understood French as well as we do Spanish and that is far from great!

After our walk we decide to leave and take a drive around the coastline - a repeat of what we had driven when travelling up to UK in December only in reverse of course! We will have a lunch along the way. We miss every turn off along the way drive through Hendaye Plage and end up in Spain and before long at the Aire we had settled on for the night! We decide not to stay as although it seems well set up, it is simply a car park so we head for Renteria which is also, just a car park, this time in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, if I don't sleep it'll only be another night not sleeping well. It is very windy and a little wild - well good night!

He says...

Not much sleep due to back twinges at every move but an early start nonetheless. Bright sunshine and tee shirt weather at last! Another walk down along the shoreline to wonder at the power of those Atlantic waves.

We watched a group of cormorants sitting out on a rock - they seemed to be defying the sea to move them and they won!




Drying out!

Deciding to move on to find a beachside lunch stop we set off for St Jean de Luz and the coast road. But, unable to stop at the only likely looking spot we carried on and suddenly found ourselves across the (non) border and into Spain!

Our plan was to go to Donostia San Sebastian and stay at the aire there. Its very urban at the rear of a university and too much  'concrete' for us so we upped sticks again and moved slightly inland to Renteria. The aire is at a picnic spot in what seems to be the middle of nowhere but we're staying the night anyway!

Other than the occasional vehicle passing it is very remote here. Mountains all around so very scenic and great for walks if we were staying longer. We're well topped up batterywise and we have enough water and tank capacity to be self sufficient. The aire has water and waste services anyway to use before we leave tomorrow.

So, hopefully, tonight will be a quiet one and tomorrow we'll set off on the long haul south towards Valencia on the other side of the country. Our target is Morella, a walled fortress town high in the mountains........

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