Saturday, February 27, 2010

24th Feb - Wind in the night

She says...

Oh what a night! What with him and his bad back and me certain that a tree would fall on us any time, very little sleep and a lot of solitaire was endured.

Just what is needed for a long journey ahead. Still, a steady journey passes initially some lovely scenery and then Zaragoza - well I guess it must have it's good bits! Maybe we should try a visit to it, rather than bypass it. After Zaragoza and into Aragon you notice the change in the landscape. I always think it is a little unearthly with great fields interrupted abrubtly by little mounds. A bit like upside downs craters, or for those geologists out there............??? Anyway onto Morella and our first stop totally surrounded by English speakers. made quite a nice change really.

A totally shameful early night - lets say nineish!

He says...

Another sleepless night partly due to my back but also the strength of the gales blowing outside seriously buffeting the van. The expectation was for one of the many surrounding trees to fall on us at any time. Eventually the morning came and we both prepared for the long drive ahead. Breakfast and services sorted we set the route on TomTom and started our 450km journey.

The roads were great, mostly smooth motorways and main roads. Normally we like to stay on back roads and take in the surroundings but today we were happy to keep our speed up and just see the terrain pass by. We are always struck by the difference in the towns and landscapes entering Spain from France, everything seems to be 'rougher', more rugged and has a very different sort of charm. Pretty French villages give way to functional, outwardly grubby housing - although we know from our own experiences that it is the insides of Spanish houses that are kept immaculately. Green, almost Alpine, scenery becomes arid plains and looks like a Wild West film set. Further south into Spain the fruit and nut trees become predominant with acres of olives and masses of pretty pink almond blossom developing (a little late this year?).

We were in need of some drinking water (we use bottled for drinking) so called into a garage for some. Unfortunately the place was shut but as we sat on the forecourt a young lady came out to see what we wanted, then opened up the shop just to sell us a couple of bottles - can't imagine that sort of service elsewhere.

Arriving at the aire in Morella we were pleased to see another couple of vans parked up, and British as well, Roz and Duncan in their Burstner, Joan and Dennis in their Timberland and an Irishman and his dog who's names I forgot to ask. We said hi and passed the time of day - nice to chat with other travellers with similar experiences.

Really tired by now so another super home made curry and a very early night, maybe catch up on some lost sleep.

Clear Spanish sky

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