Saturday, February 27, 2010

25th Feb - Exploring a castle

She says...

Totally refreshed we wake up and, because we are staying again tonight, we take a relaxing wake up and then a walk up to the town of Morella to get a bit of shopping for todays food.

What a fabulous place - full of narrow streets, steps, loads of shopping and all topped by the fabulouse castle, oh and did I mention the steps! Still under restoration we decide to splash out two whole euro to visit the castle and are very pleased we did. So after many steps we reach the top. That was after a lot of steps you understand! A fantastic panorama with distant views all around. There's still patchy snow in the higher mountains in the distance.

Descent was naturally so much easier although that was when I noticed my thigh muscles - a total surprise as I had forgotten I had them, so infrequent has our exercise been this trip. Still only two more days and I can recommence swimming.

Luckily for us the bread shop also sold beer. A little refreshment later we carry on our journey back towards the Aire - who put that long drawn out uphill in since we had climbed to the town I do not know? Oh and by this time the sun is shining like a summers day. Thankfully it waited until we had climbed all of those steps!

He says...

Cloudy with lovely warm sunny spells today. Just right for a walk up to the town of Marella. A walled fortress in its time, it has been carefully restored and other than houses comprises shops, bars and restaurants along its narrow cobbled streets. Hilly would be an understatement, but we climbed to the level of the church and saw a notice explaining the castle above is open to visitors. Not wanting to miss the opportunity we bought a couple of tickets and wandered around and upwards to the top. The restoration is an ongoing work and seems to be very sympatheically done.

The views from the higher levels were quite amazing helped by such a clear day. Some photos:




Back down to high street level we couldn't resist a beer at one of the bars and were delighted to be back in the land of sensible pricing - none of the inflated French prices here! After another 20 minutes walking back to the motorhome we were happy to just have our lunch and put our feet up for the rest of the afternoon.

Our compatriates from yesterday had all departed in their different directions and a new UK registered arrival has parked up. We met the occupants briefly as we walked down from the town. We recommended the castle visit and judging by the tired expressions they had on their faces when they returned I think they took our advice.

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