Saturday, February 27, 2010

26th Feb - 23 degrees and rising....

She says...

Well this is the last blog of this part of our journey.

An early start and we make our way from snow patches decorating the high hill to the odd tree bursting into blossom. The lower the altitude we reach the more trees are in bloom until in parts the landscape is a carpet of pink and white blossom. Sadly as we approach the coast the ugly buildings and over development become the norm' and we look forward to the route the east side of Valencia which takes us through the town and then down through the paddy fields and the natural park of Albufera.. Unfortunately whilst the waders are about by the score there is just nowhere to pull in to get any snaps. We did however see some heron, egret and grebe I think. My eyesight can be limited at a distance and I am no bird spotter although I think I may treat myself to some binoculars and a bird book. People still distrust me when I tell them I saw pink flamingoes there once!

After our old favourite lunch of bocadillos we catch up with our weekend shop before heading on towards Daimus. Our final stopping point before returning home and spending sometime at out lovely village house away from the madding crowds about 20 minutes inland from here.

Will blog if anything motorhome turns up otherwise I'll write again next time we are on the road in a month or so!

He says...

A good nights sleep, despite the buffeting wind and then a nice leisurely start to today with only about 3 hours drive ahead of us. The route we took has become familiar to us over the last year or so but the scenery changes so subtlely with the seasons. as we came down from the mountains onto the plains the fruit and nut blossoms increased massively, so tempted by the sight we pulled into a 'cami' for some pics...

For once we ignored TomTom and headed through Valencia rather than round it knowing that we would pass the incredible Arts and Science buildings - worthy of a visit of their own.

Valencia Arts & Science buildings
Cheating slightly as these were taken on a previous visit

Our only other stop was just a brief call in at the resort of Far, just north of Cullera, a very Spanish resort and therefore very quiet outside the Spanish summer season.

By early afternoon we arrived at our nightstop beachside at Daimus, a suburb of Gandia. The parking is informal wildcamping but seems to be well tolerated and popular. 4 other British vans this time, the other times we have visited (by car) the visitors have always been from elsewhere in Europe - word must be spreading!

Sea mist and sunrise at Daimus

Reading the Spanish press we were, I suppose, not really surprised to discover that Northern Spain had been having terrible gales. Winds of 100mph had been recorded uprooting many trees - this was in the region of our nightstop there in Renteria - see we weren't exaggerating!

Tomorrow we'll be back at our Spanish base for a week or two. First job will be to upload this blog as we have been out of the range of wifi for days.

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