Monday, February 22, 2010

Mimizan Plage

She says...

We had a quiet day today and after a good housekeep, ventured for a walk to the shops managing completely, I do not know how, to dodge the showers. We have not had such good weather since being here, typical really as we have plenty of time for walking and photos - c'est la vie!. Still we are seeing some sunshine but it really is between some fairly heavy rainshowers.

Keeping us amused is the litter of very healthy looking feral cats who although living together appear to have the odd 'fistie-cuffs' when it comes to vying for scraps! Very pretty and a selection of colours. They are definitley not hungry and spend a lot of time at the moment sheltering under the 'vans'  out of the rain.

After a very yummy curry we settled down for the night with another film.

He says...

Our 4th visit here. It's a large car park style of aire and with winter rates of 6 euro a night, including services and electricity, its very popular.

Spending a couple of days here has given us the chance to catch up with a few housekeeping jobs - my priority to clean the motorhome! Rarely has it been so dirty but all the muck soon washes off. Caroline kept herself busy hoovering and all the other inside jobs. With all spick and span we set about relaxing!

With a busy aire it can be quite entertaining to watch others come and go and to marvel at some people's excenticities - for example a family of young cats seem to have taken up residence around the place and one French motorhomer has placed plastic water filled bottles against each of his motorhome wheels, presumably to keep the cats away?

Another has moved his motorhome four or five places along the same row - seems like just for the fun of it? People watching is a fascinating pastime when you have nothing better to do....

One minute its cloudy.....

Weather is changeable to say the least - sunny spells and heavy showers. But with a fantactic beach just over the dunes from where we are parked up it really doesn't matter - the scenery is still dramatic. If the clouds stay away long enough perhaps we'll be treated to a fine sunset later.

Then the sun comes through

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