Monday, February 22, 2010

Nersac to Mimizan Plage

Yes you've guessed nothing could be that simple for as soon as I switched on the kettle the electric disappeared! Fairly swiftly resolved when a bleary eyed workman sleeping over in his van was awoken from his slumber by the motorhomers, all of whom had lost their electric when it had tripped. Once he had removed his 'polythene wrapped domestic affair' normal service was resumed. A later than intended start ensured that the long awaited hairwash with drying tool would wait a little longer.

On to Mimizan we felt confident, having been there before, both summer and winter. We did the hideous journey round Bordeaux once again in sunshine which did diminish the further we ventured south. This isn't meant to happen! Anyhow we arrived got set up, shopped and returned to a shower and hairwash with the promise of doing something with the hair. Job done and we made contact with 'home'.

Sad news and the big downside of doing what we are doing. Sadly one of my and latterly, our, dear old friends had died.and we have no chance of offering the normal comfort and love that you would wish to for such a lovely family. From a distance our thoughts are with you all - God bless you Terry!

We felt an upbeat film would be appropriate and so selected Forrest Gump. Not as upbeat as we had remembered but nonetheless a great film. If you haven't seen it in a while treat yourself as a reminder of how good it is.

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