Monday, February 22, 2010

Some exercise at last

He says...

As we only had about 3 hours to drive today we set off for a walk along a signed 4km route from where we were parked. The route took in some fascinating sights of some of the local cave houses and basket makers materials. It was the route marked by yellow painted flashes that we followed - the other colours were rather longer walks.

The photos will hopefully give some idea of this interesting location...

Basket signs everywhere

Raw materials waiting for use

Great place for a barbie!

Typical cave house

After the walk we lunched before making last use of the 'borrowed' wifi and uploading more blog content. Then, off for Nersac  some 240kms south. The sun shone and temperatures rose - we even saw an illuminated sign outside a pharmacy declaring it to be an amazing 11.5 degrees!

On arrival at Nersac we were the fourth van there, which was handy as there are only 4 electric points - first EHU we've come by in France on this trip, and free too. Caroline smiled knowingly when I took a photo of our power lead plugged in - It's reverse polarity here so I thought a relevant article on Club Motorhome would be useful, suitably illustrated - so there!

Our lead is the red and white one - for reversed polarity!

I'm sure there will be some dodgy power sharing if and when more vans arrive - there's room for 7. Amazing what the French do with domestic type extension leads and sockets, outdoors whatever the weather!!!

I don't think we'll be late turning in tonight, the drive and certainly the walk have left us nicely chilled (tired).

She says...

Another day and this time waking up to warmth - much more pleasant. As we do not have too long a journey and the sun is shining we decide that a walk would be welcome after two days sitting in, partly weather and partly laziness we have just been so tired! We decide to take a circular walking route around the village, 4.3 km and two hours, according to the signage just outside the Mairie. The walk takes in a lot of the detail of the 'vannerie' basket making history of the village and we pass some very interesting troglodyte houses - talk of roof gardens! Not many have their chimney coming through next to the fully grown trees though.

The walk does not take two hours but gives a welcome leg stretch and bit of exercise. It would not be exaggerating to say that we were bathed in warm sunshine for the walk which due to it being some uphill it was not long before my coat had to come off. Lovely it was and a promise of the spring.

We had about 3 hours drive to Nersac where we were hoping for a nice little spot with leccy and an opportunity for using a hairdryer and charging up the hoover. We seem to be making our carpets very grubby despite being careful so we can have a good clean and then a charge up of the hoover - phones, laptop, toothbrushes, erm can we think of anything else? Might even watch a DVD tonight who knows? Such luxury.... Yep we got the last electric point available! The sun is still shining - fantastic!

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