Sunday, February 14, 2010

St Valentine's Day

A bit of a cold night as we hadn't set the heating high enough and couldn't be bothered to get out of bed to adjust it. But, after a reasonable nights sleep we were treated to a full fry-up for breakfast - good start to the day!

Our hosts showed us a leisurely walk through their local woods and then mid afternoon we set off for our nightstop at Dover.

We were a little disappointed to find that our satnav directed us to Marine Parade where I understood there would be free motorhome parking - but we arrived at a narrow slip road outside some dodgy looking hotels and also alongside a busy main road. Our map also confirmed this was Marine Parade. Fortunately a policeman on his beat strolled by and kindly directed us to the correct location just a few hundred yards away.

Sure enough, right alongside the waters edge there were about half a dozen motorhomes already parked up, so we tagged on.

Poor photo as I haven't brought my tripod with me............

No services but what a great stop before embarking or after disembarking the ferry! And free too....

As its Valentines day we're about to tuck into a cosy meal, courtesy of Mr Tesco's special deal, of lamb shank, carrot, swede and horseradish mash - definitely can't grumble at £16.... who says romance is dead?

So France tomorrow and this is the end of my reasonably reliable 3 dongle internet connection. We'll be playing 'spot the McDonalds' for future postings.

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