Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waaaaay beyond a joke.......

Well here we are 2 days into February and no new screen fitted!

Luckily when I checked my paperwork re the MOT I found that as it had been done before expiry last year I still had another couple of weeks to go. Thank goodness!

Following my last posting my local contact at Autoglass wasn't getting any response from their other depots re the progress of my screen's travel from Yorkshire to Norfolk. Swift weren't replying to my requests for info either. Really frustrated now so obtained Autoglass area manager's mobile number and bent his ear about the fiasco so far. Predictably apologetic he said he would investigate and come back to me.

Within minutes he was back on and admitted that the story so far was all lies and the screen was still with Swift - WHAT???? Apparently none of the depots were willing to take responsibility for damage while the  screen was in their care so they just buried their heads in the sand and kept quiet.

Again apologetic, an external specialist carrier was employed to collect it from factory and deliver to Norwich within a couple of days.

Today fitting day arrived BUT there was slight rain in the air and the fitter was reluctant to do the job incase it went wrong. Fair enough - but I want that screen fitting.....

Again spoke to area manager and long and short of it, I offered to drive to 50 miles to Norwich depot to get under cover.

Then a call from Autoglass to say that my insurers were not prepared to authorise the work as it was too expensive for a Ducato windscreen - er, HELLO? No amount of persuasion would shift the insurer's engineer on the matter....

RIGHT!!! Spoke to insurance engineer to complain and explain its an 'A Class' and not a Ducato for God's sake (you may be able to tell the blood pressure is rising)! Long case of raised voices and the insurance guy is very unhappy I'm talking direct to him, I demand to speak to his manager, he's not available so demand to speak to manager's manager - not letting go now! They'll call me back.

Within 5 minutes Autoglass ring to say approved but Norwich full - can I go to Peterborough? At this stage, yes! Anybloodywhere!

A couple of hours later we meet the Norwich fitters, nigh on 100 mile trip for them, with the screen to fit..... Brace yourselves for the next bit......  no-one has ordered the rubber surround! And their universal stuff is no good as its not substantial enough.

With much embarrasment they phone around and locate a correct seal in Basildon which will be delivered to them back at Norwich during the afternoon. So, a sombre drive home - what a waste of time and money!

So, subject to that seal actually being suitable, we arrange for a screen fitting tommorow at the local garage who is carrying out the annual service and cam belt change and the dreaded MOT.

Ever positive...... but I'm not holding my breath!

I do hope my next posting will be full of joy and maybe even a change of subject.

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