Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

We decide that we should in the spirit of research go and check out the aire at Priego de Cordoba. Whilst only 28ish kilometres it is in totally in the wrong direction. However we drive to the aire take lunch and leave to return to Cabra. A little naughty as there is a 48 hours restriction at Cabra and we do like to play by the rules. Our justification for returning is that we had left for a few hours, so if anyone had wanted the space we were not preventing this. As it is our stopping a further night is vindicated by the fact tha no other 'vans' turned up except for our German neighbours. It seems the Spanish long weekend was at an end. As an aire we did not think that Priego de Cordoba had as much to offer as Cabra. That said the town itself did have a collection of fortified buildings at it's heart which we did not check out! Arriving back to Cabra we take a walk along the disused railway track that runs alongside the auditorium. If you can bear the heat it seems that the auditorium is well used in the summer months for a programme of free concerts including classical dance and music.

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