Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday 23rd April - Distant fireworks and local lightning!!!

Yet another long trip and this time to Ibi in the Alicante region. Expecting it to be fairly busy we are surprised to find oursleves alone once again. Electric storms close in and we are absolutely tippled on and very nearly get rocked over by the thunderbolts which seemed to be surrounding us. Is this the time to be seeking assurance that we are safe in our little exposed MH?. Anhow rain over and the ladies are out collecting snails - tea' s up! 

As the day is St Georges and the neaby town of Alcoy is enjoying the big battle day between the Moors and Christians we are further amazed when no one turns up after the show. This is a UNESCO interest event and yes it is spectacular as we have witnessed before. Put it this way, we heard it in Ibi some 20 km away from Alcoi!!! Oh, by the way I stopped off and got some steak for tonights dinner - special treat, well you've got to, havent you?

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