Thursday, April 1, 2010

The long and winding road...

Thursday 1st April

She says...

First off after breakfast we leave our predominantly German neighbours basking in the lovely sunshine. It appears that some have almost set up home here particualrly the van that boasted a window box full of herbs. The lady owner of the site had already explained that she has special terms for long stayers. We however head towards the beach which though fairly average is however set in a beautiul rocky bay. The beach is surrounded by a small village with a sprinkling of bars and shops.

After only a brief stop we head inland and drop by the second of the motorhome sites along this road. This time owned by a charming and very helpful Spanish gentleman who was keen to provide us with details of what he has to offer.

A long journey through some stunning countryside leaves us feeling a little bit more understanding about the 'net' and 'plastic' farms. The route towards Aguillas is fantastic, beautiful, rugged and green and above all unspoilt. As we head to Granada the plains open out and we are treated to miles of orchards bearing blossom, reaching as far as the foothills of the fabulous sierras either side.

Towards our planned stop of Venta del Peral we begin to spot the snow and know that we are getting close to Sierra Nevada. How's that then? A sea view one night and snow capped mountains the next - more than makes up for staying the night in what is simply nothing more than a car park, albeit, very well set up for the motorhomers and other driving visitors in terms of services provided.

We will not need to spend any money here but will most likely call into the bar or the shop. I will have a wander to see what is around. Didn't notice a farmacia!

He says...

A very peaceful night lead to a lazy and quite late start, but with only a couple of hours drive to our next nightstop we were in no real hurry. We made a small detour to visit another aire locally to research it for Club Motorhome, dropped by the beach for a quick look then pressed on.

TomTom gave us a couple of surprises en route taking us for many kilometers along single track (bumpy) mountain and valley roads before letting us on to some beautifully smooth Autovia across Andalucia to our next destination Vental Del Peral, an off-the-beaten-track service area with all facilities, except electric, that we would need - filling station, cafe, toilets, showers, bar and restaurant, even a hostal. Bonus was wifi available from our parking space! So an opportunity to update our blog and catch up with emails etc.

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