Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday 5th April - Portugal!


...and the beginning of the week. For the purpose of this trip, I think 29 euros to start the new week is a good place to start, especially as last week's shopping has provided an additional two nights dinners. After getting water at Lidl which we were surprised to find open it being Easter Monday we head on. Perhaps the fact that there has been a week long celebration the people are glad to go back to work for a rest - as we know the Spanish can party very hard!  Along our route we drive into Punta Umbria a place that mum in law had visited and said was very pleasant. There were no obvious motorhome facilities so readjusting Tom Tom we find we will be in Portugal in about an hour. Crossing at this point (Ayamonte) you discover that the road that meets the border has been left in disrepair - not sure what if anything it means but it is comical to see that neither country seems to want to maintain right up to the other country.

We are delighted when we arrive at Altura to find that it is a huge car park so no trouble getting in and that it is located just a walk over the dunes from the lovely beach and the ocean!

The town is small and more or less a beach resort but has quite a good selecton of bars, restaurants, shops, cash machines, a small supermarket and a free Wifi zone - so a good place to catch up with anyone you might be missing at home. I also got to the farmacia for antihistamine. The weather has become warmer as we have arrived at the coast and it is likely that I may once again be in need.

Having topped the budget up to 100 (i.e. an additional 70) euro we spend about 14 on essentials - fruit, beer, wine and mossie relief - leaving the grand sum of 86 euro until next Monday. We have food for both today and tomorrow at least but will we be tempted by some of the lovely little restaurants vey close by - well we are on holiday!!! We have decide to stay as we have arrived here full and empty at least for a couple of days - maybe longer?????????

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