Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not tonight Cartagena!

Wednesday 31st March

She says...

After a lousy night sleep when I was worrying about everything - especially it seems that I could not remember the capital of... Norway (what was that all about??) - we awaken to find all our neighbours have departed, which is not actually that unusual for us, so we have our breakfast and depart. That is not before a very precarious shower taken whilst at the service point (a full waste tank determined this!) which would have made Darcy Bussell look clumsy!

En route to Cartagena we find an easy parking Carrefour and having guessed that 40 euro would cover shopping for the rest of the week I am delighted to spend only 43!

As we drove into Cartagena I was very excited to see El Corte Ingles. Of course excitement like this could easily blow the budget! We find the site and are very disappointed to be stuck on the side of a petrol filling station in the LPG store and with a petrol tanker as a neighbour. Checking out the services we find a 10
euro charge sign as opposed to a donation box and decide to move on an hour down the coast to Calnegre where there are two motorhome sites. No El Corte Ingles - budget intact!

As we pass on down towards Calnegre we go via Mazarron Port where there are a large number of wildcampers just opposite the beach. We are a little disappointed by the landscape along this route which although undoubtedly beautiful is hidden by vast areas of plastic sheeting or netting. Obviously a living has to be made by the residents of this area and we know that Spain doesn't exist solely for tourists or travellers I am simply commenting on the way such a naturally beautiful land can be marred by intensive farming. I wonder is this huge reliance on protection from the elements to farm more intesively or simply supply the need for 'organic' answers - mmm !!

Spending 5 euro on the campsite for the night means we have 38 euro left until Monday but we have food until at least then! I am sure we will find a way of spending it but wish me luck.

We saved a bit today as we had no time for lunch, due to looking for a 'home' for the night but it did mean because we were so hungry we had to start on Friday's crisps as a snack to keep us going before dinner as we needed to stretch our legs before settling in for the night. I should explain 'Friday's crisps'; salt and vinegar crisps are a big craving of mine so I have Friday as a treat day. I previously forgot to mention another aim of this trip is for me to maintain the
weightwatchers points diet and all this with budget and economy cooking and shopping - well as I said I like(d) a challenge.

38 EURO LEFT UNTIL MONDAY!! Maybe because we failed to stop at any of the ubiquitous green crosses for mossie protection and relief!!!

He says...

With a leisurely start we set off for our next stop at Cartegena. On arrival we were a little disappointed with its surroundings, a chained compound alongside a gas storage area of a petrol forecourt, we would also have to share with a parked up petrol tanker - second thoughts maybe? No definitely, as we found a sternly worded sign declaring that whatever information we had prior to our visit there was now a charge of 10 Euro to stay the night!

So to plan B and new co-ordinates were plumbed into TomTom and we set off for another aire less than an hour away. On arrival at Calnegre, close to the coast we were greeted by the German owner and relieved of just 5 Euro - much better, and a much nicer location surrounded by mountains except for the sea view to the south. Apart form a couple of dutch motorhomes all the others (probably 20) were German.

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