Thursday, April 1, 2010

Off we go again...

Monday 29th March

She says....

So we start on Monday with a bonus of 10 euro left from last week. Following final packing and cleaning before leaving the house we make our way to Daimus (see ClubMotorhome). As we do not have our own home garage for our van it is a very handy first night stop, only 25 minutes from home, where we can get sorted out, unpacked and remind ourselves of all the things we have forgotten.

En route from home we stop at our local Mercadona for a couple of days food and some essentials - total bill 18.97 euro. That's until we decide to take a late lunch of takeout bocadillos - well that's seven of the bonus ten gone!

We arrive at Daimus take on water and settle down to the sorting out which actually takes only a short time as this is a trip for just us - no extras such as Christmas pressies, special outfits, stuff to sell or return to the UK. (see previous posts).

After a strolll along the very long prom at Daimus, we return for a relaxing drink and olives on the grass out front to enjoy the sound of the children enjoying the first night of their Easter break - oh and to protect our precious (see previous posts!) windscreen from the football!

The seven euro spent on bocadillos becomes more acceptable when we both decide that we are too full up to eat a full dinner. So now we have food until and including Wednesday!

Not a bad first nights sleep despite the sudden appearance of the 'hurricane' - ok I exaggerate - winds which roll up from nowhere!

He says...
Well, first night out sees us back at Daimus, fairly busy with motorhomes but no Brits - just Dutch and German together with a couple of Spanish this time. A pleasant evening sitting outside with a beer - and it must be warming up because I am back in shorts and flip flops for the first time this year!

Not much beats camping on the side of the Mediterranean under a full moon.

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