Thursday, April 1, 2010

Onwards and Southwards

Tuesday 30th March

She says...

We arrive back home to collect the few things we have forgotten (that's the beauty of Daimus!) and on to a neighbouring town where I collect the remaining 80 euro of our weekly budget from the cashpoint.

The drive to our night stop at Ibi is familiar to us as we have used this route to Alicante previously. On arrival we have our sandwich lunch, a very quick walk around Ibi in a very cold wind and a bit later our swordfish salad and potato dinner. By now I am tending to my whoppa mossie bites - presumably a souvenir of our night in Daimus and the promise of a visit to a Farmacia (well they are everywhere) tomorrow.

He says...

IBI is our next stop, an aire on the side of a sizeable town near to Alcoy. the only other motorhomes were an empty Spanish one and a couple of French who arrived late and left before we rose the next morning.

Its a basic aire but provided some entertainment with the local 'old boys' playing petanca alongside.

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