Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday 3rd April - Easter Weekend

He says...

Another very lazy start to the day, anyone would think we're on holiday.... oh, we are!

The mountain bikes came off the back of the motorhome today, quite a rare occurance and with tyres pumped up we set off to explore some of the town in Cabra. As we got to the centre it was clear that there was about to be another procession so we claimed a bit of barrier, with a ringside view, by propping our bikes up against it - this gave us some space by stopping everyone crowding around and pushing in front once the procession approached. Again the photos say more than words so some of the highlights: (you have to remember that everyone is supposed to look sombre)

She says...

Breakfast and a hair wash later, (thats me not him as regards the hairwash!) we head out on bikes first to the font which is adjacent to the Aire and then on towards town again. We are lucky to arrive in the main square just in time to hear first and then see another procession this time the 'float' depicts the sadness of Mary. Everyone is 'dressed to the nines' except us, on bikes, in jeans and t-shirts.

We take a prime vantage point, this time where I cannot be used as a 'gangway' and enjoy the procession which lasts around an hour before heading back for some lunch. A quick stop at Lidl's relieves us of 4 euros but provides us with much needed soap and not needed, but desired beer.

The sun is shining and it is lovely to just relax and feel the warmth and 29 euro left in the purse

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