Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saturday/Sunday 17th/18th April - Silves, Portugal

Well we have been here almost a week now. The weather has been a mixture of sun and showers but they are very heavy! It is difficult to judge when the next one might be so walks have been short or in some cases dodging from one building to the next. I have had another good swim and this time a jacuzzi. We have decided to stay until Monday when the weather forecast promises a more settled day or two. It could be a worse place to stop and is unlikely there are many hardstanding places to go that you wouldn't run the risk of getting stuck in the mud. Tavira apparently had a tornado the other day so maybe it is a good thing the Mayor has banned motorhomes! We decline an invitation to join in the quiz night at the the 'English' Bar but judging by the revellers when they finally returned early hours, we missed a good night.

Saturday we shopped still keeping in budget - just! The campsite, laundry and swimming twice has hammered the cash a bit but we manage to buy veg for Saturday's meal (already in the freezer) and a meal for Sunday and still have about 6 euro in the kitty. So this is not bad and as an extra start this coming week we were not hungry enough to cook last night (Sat) and Margot has kindly invited us for dinner Sunday night! Two meals in the bag before starting next week.

We also managed between showers to have a good look round Silves. Wandering up to the fortress and church and through the winding and steep streets.

One of the many storks posed on its chimney pot nest and it was an enjoyable afternoon.

Missing entirely any showers. Also missing the opportunity to get a birthday present of a cork handbag. Sounds a little strange but the cork shop sells the most amazing cork items; baseball caps, wallets, ties, to name but a few. You will not be surprised to learn that we missed the Saturday opening hours by about an hour and with no Sunday opening my dilemma of whether a cork handbag is sensible, needed, tasteful, (well you know how some things seem like a good idea when you are on holiday but when home you think, whatever next!) simply disappeared. Oh well I guess it was not meant to be.

On return to the van I finally had a real go at the Psychology downloads I had prepared for this trip. Not entirely surprised, I was to fail miserably at the math aspect getting only about 66%. On marking I realised that in part it was rushing and not paying enough attention to detail. So already a good lesson or reminder at least of studying.

Last night the rain returned and seemed bent on driving its way through the roof! I spent the night sleep walking between opening and shutting the roof lights.

Sad as we were about Robert we are alarmed to notice that there is a man and his dog living in the car park now. He is apparently living in a fiesta size car and simply sits all day and night. I am becoming troubled by this although he does now seem to have made friends with some of the motorhomers and maybe they will be able to assist in his plight as they are clearly speaking a common language!

After a lazy start (well it is Sunday) we do a little housework. Still love that you can do it all, hardly moving more than three paces. The sun has just started to shine again so a walk is on the cards and I am pretty sure that we will move on tomorrow.

We enjoy a great evening with Margot and her Spag Bol - including tablecloth, napkins, sideplates and the works. Thanks Margot - I wonder if you ever ate the leftovers? Lovely as it is in Silves, a week is long enough in a car park however so this will be our final night here!

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