Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 11th April - The day after...

After a fond farewell on Friday night which lasted a marathon 10 or 11 hours (really Pete, why did we have to start at 3.30?) we had a quiet day yesterday. A couple of coca colas and an ice cream relieved us of a further 4 euro and we venture into next week with the princely sum of 32 euro. It is Sunday and we have everything we need so I guess that is where we will start on Monday.

He couldn't resist an 'arty' pic :-)

We are committed to a campsite tomorrow and some much needed washing so that start will soon be diminished. One good thing, however, is that we do have a meal in hand since Friday night ended not unusually with nobody bothering to cook merely bringing a selection of bread, cheese and other bits. Happy days!

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