Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 22nd April - Gas in the night, the van that is!

Not sure if this should start today or finish yesterday it being only four(ish) in the morning when we are awoken by the sound of the fridge ignition ticking - we've run out of gas. Oh well a quick step outside and cylinders changed over and we soon got snuggled down again despite my offer of an early breakfast. He said 'I don't think so! Or something similar.

After breakfast we spend a hour or so wandering the town getting a few shots and finding a very convenient Cepsa gas cylinder seller - brilliant!

On our way again we know we are heading off to Venta Del Peral one of our outward stops. All we have to do is find a supermarket. This we manage to do 14 km from our destination. I guess we must have missed some on our 190 km or so journey!

We spend around fifteen euro for our meals that will last until until we get home and a couple of drinks in the cafe, leaving us with 51 euro until Monday.

As the evening draws on we have neighbours turn up so from being the only MHers there to start with we become one of five all very suddenly and all very late. I wonder if we will ever have the confidence of risking not getting a space by arriving somewhere so late. Usually we are arriving quite early and then sit and watch the place fill up around us. I think of late we are becoming a bit more confident but I still like to get settled before dark.

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