Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday 8th April - Lazy days!

We have arrived at Thursday and felt it time to catch up with the blog. It seems that finding a place to chill out makes you very lazy and results in doing very little.

A quick resume (should have an 'accent' but I cant find it as I am typing in the dark):

We found a little local supermarket which as had a bad effect on the budget. You know it makes you a little lazy and things are always a little pricier. A loaf of Bimbo 'Cereales' at over three euro, a pack of ten fish fingers, three euro eighty - I don't think so! By Wednesday we need a dinner however and ended up with a Pizza and some remaining salad. The stores are by now getting very low so it is clear we have to haul ourselves away from this lovely place. It will however be only to fill, empty, shop and catch up with the free Wifi. Over the last couple of days we have met new friends, walked, cycled and relaxed.

The beach is just fantastic for long shoreline strolls watching the shellfishers at their task. Looks like they know what they are doing. We have also had fun with our new friends. Enjoying each others stories, some wine and as usual learning from each other. I have never before discussed toilet things in so much detail!!

Today gave us the chance of some real good admin and the home is like a nearly new pin! Bathroom, kitchen, floors, cloths, mirrors all had a good spring clean today. So as well as filling, emptying etc. we feel all relaxed - that is before the next trip to the beach brings in the next dose of sand! It's gonna happen!

Well the all important budget is still looking quite good - firstly we have not moved the 'van' for three days so no fuel costs, secondly we have been to the supermarket today and filled up with food until Sunday. That means no more buying overpriced stuff at the local mini market. Of course we are happy to buy the usual top ups at the local places and in fact some stuff was normal prices - cheese, bread, wine, rice, even vegetables and so on were all acceptable! Anyway the end result is that we have 42 euro left in the purse. Having spent nearly 32 euro at the supermarket today. Well you can do the math. but it seems to me that we have actually only spent 10 euro on incidentals over the last couple of days. It did seem like more but as you see not bad! So far we have not been tempted to eat out although I have a birthday coming up so it will happen!
It is likely that we will stay here until at least Monday and we have food in the fridge until then.

The sea is warming up and if the waves mellow a bit I might be tempted to get in it. In the meantime I will continue with the shore walks as I am still counting the points too!

This place really is a delight!

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