Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday April 15th - Maybe not as tough as we thought......

As we sit and decide that we will go to the pool at Silves - me to swim and the technical department to use the free Wifi that is available, we are puzzled to see an official pick up truck turn up and then horrified to realise that it is in fact the municipal dog catchers. It is like something out of 101 dalmations. We watched as Robert tucked his tail down and offered himself up to be caught in the big net. In honesty the catchers were not cruel and actually seemed very gentle as they loaded him onto the truck and away.

'Robert' an hour or so before his capture

It became obvious that we would need to get out but that the rain was apparently not going to cease, hence our decision to use the pool. It is a really good pool or three pools in fact and you get an hour and a half swim for three euro fifty. I thnk I have done about 50 or 60 lengths but feel pretty sure that it is not a full length pool.

Despite the lack of room and equipment I turn into a culinary genius in the kitchen tonight, creating three meals out of the beef mince I bought on Monday - a spaghetti bolognese and two shepherd's pie's with a twist (recipes will appear on our website if they work out OK). I sincerely hope they do as we have decided to invite Margot, who has agreed that she will be the subject of an article for Club Motorhome for us, about lone women travellers, for dinner tomorrow.

Dinner over for tonight, I don't settle down until after one, as I must finish my book. It occurs to me that Robert's earlier, easy submission must have been because he had seen the weather forecast! We are treated to a wild night of torrrential rain and wind and one of those nights when I lay and wonder why I choose to stay for weeks on end in this little white box??


  1. Gutted to read about that lovely dog, he followed me every time I took Jack out for a walk. He did have a strange tendency to growl at his own rear legs but I think he was harmless enough.

  2. Apparently he has been a street dog for a couple of years and has been re-homed a couple of times but he does have psychological problems. Hopefully someone will give him another chance....