Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday 21st April - Farewell Portugal...

We travel east for several hours and our destination is Villanueva de Algaidas. I have a good idea that we should take the short route as we reach the end of the journey, How difficult could it be? A straight run through, erm, villages that don't exist and some that do but shouldn't, parts of roads missing and next time I have solemnly sworn that when I have a good idea I will keep it entirely to myself! It turns out not to be our final destination for the night as it was enveloped in an incredibly strong but putrid smell, which we could not decide was something to do with olive or cheese production or possibly something to do with neither of those better options.

Our most sensible substitute for the night was Archidona and what a revelation. It is a typical Spanish town complete with a hilltop fortification and chapel and numerous other historic buildings. Very picturesque! The signpost at the aire also promised good natural space for walking or cycling. I drop into the main street all up and down hill for a carton of orange and a promise of a return visit the following day. An early dinner and night, although the night was not quiet. The aire is right beside the sports centre where children were playing until quite late (normal for Spain) and some farily excitable aerobics or dance classes were underway - bet it was the third age!

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