Friday, March 4, 2011

And now we are 3!

We just had 3 weeks wild camping by the beach here in Spain, I chose not to blog while we were away as I fancied a proper break from website stuff and having to find wifi to upload updates etc.

Anyway we're back at our home base so how did it go?

We found a great spot along with a lot of other motorhomes from many other places in Europe but the reason for the title of this blog entry we also found ourselves a dog!

He had been living rough around the area for at least the last couple of months and through the kindness of the motorhomers already on site had been fed and watered and loved. He had apparently been a very poor old thing when first seen looking very old and weak.

His playful character had endeared him to the folks from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Ireland and he made many new doggie friends too. This is when we first saw him.

He was mainly being looked after by Paddy who gave him a little of what he ate at each meal so, he was getting bacon sandwiches for breakfast, pork ribs etc for dinner - bliss he may have thought but he was still sleeping rough and had an uncertain future once the motorhomes had inevitably moved on.

We took the time while Paddy was still there to get to know him and observe his behaviour with people and other dogs. He seemed to sense our interest and often came to us for a fuss. We put water out for him and fed him more tit-bits and by the time Paddy was ready to head off for his home in Ireland we had decided to take him in permanently.

The word soon spread around our neighbours and everyone seemed so relieved that the dog was going to be saved. When Paddy set off it was heartbreaking to see the dog chase off after him obviously believing that he had, once again, been abandoned  :(  I went off up the road to find him but there was no sign so I returned sadly to the site without him, one lady was in tears at the scene.

A few minutes later the 'little sod' came strutting back and seemed to wonder what all the fuss was about!

We parked in Paddy's spot to give the dog (now known as Digger) some continuity and encouraged him into the van. he seemed so comfortable that we made a place for him under the dinette table and he stayed the whole night, albeit I did get up a couple of times to make sure he had a chance to do anything outside   ;) . But he behaved perfectly and continued for the next week or so while we were still there.

He had a trip into town with us to experience the ride, which although a bit fretful to start was no problem at all. We bought him some worming tablets and flea treatment, a lead and a squeaky toy, he already had a collar which was supplied by a couple of Germans to make sure he wasn't impounded by the authorities.

We've brought him home to our Spanish house now and he's getting used to his new surroundings. He's been to the vets with us and had a microchip fitted as well as vaccinations for rabies and distemper etc, and he is now the proud holder of a Pet Passport - he won't be able to travel to the UK for another 7 months though as he'll need a clean blood test result.

So there we have it, our lives have pretty well turned upside down and we absolutely love it and of course we absolutely love Digger. I am sure that we are likely to become complete dog bores!


Our next planned motorhome trip with him will be to Denia in Spain in April to meet up with a group of UK motorhomers. He'll be making many new friends there!  :D

Just a few of the very kind folks who kept him going

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