Friday, May 27, 2011

Any port will do

Day 11 Thursday 26th May

With us breakfasted, dog walked and van serviced we headed north out of Boiro to seek out some more wildcamping spots.

Our 1st GPS co-ords would have meant turning into a tiny road which, and I'm usually game to try off road, looked nigh on impossible for us. I think the person who gave us the recommendation may have been travelling in a more compact motorhome - I hadn't thought to ask... We headed further up the coast to Porto Do Son but were again met with very narrow streets and a 3.5 ton weight limit but a we exited the town there was a last turning that would accommodate us which led down to the port itself. There was a German motorhomer already parked up and he confirmed that there should be no problem overnighting.

After lunch we went for a walk around the town, the German had since driven off.... Wandering through the tiny back streets we came to the Town Hall and Guardia Civil HQ. My turn to ask this time so leaving Digger with Caroline I went inside to ask if it was OK to stay down by the port for the night. The young lady then told me I'd have to ask the General upstairs! I think she must have just meant the boss......

I explained where we had parked and that it was just for one night and a couple of telephone calls were made. I was given a hand drawn map to show where it would be OK and told 'No Problem!' Moving the van a few hundred yards to its approved place only took a couple of minutes. So for this evening we sat facing onto the harbour where the busy, brightly coloured, fishing boats are coming and going. There's a strong wind blowing off the water but other than that the situation is superb.

Photo harbour

A short siesta and another walk up to the top of the town, photos taken including one of a rather bizarre statue and we called in at the local butchers and bought some interesting looking pork marinated in some sort of pepper sauce - that'll be nice! :)

PHOTO statue

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