Friday, May 27, 2011

From castle to castle

Day 2 Tuesday 17th May

Photo Turegano castle

After cleaning all the squished flies from the windscreen before exploring the town and lovely castle we set off with a shorter journey in mind to our next night stopover at Cuellar which was only about 45kms away,  although we detoured to take in Segovia en-route. Segovia has some amazing ancient architecture and although we only drove in and out again this time we 'bookmarked' it for a future detailed visit.

At our destination we found a Mercadona supermarket as we entered town and then found the Aire immediately outside some heavily restored city walls and castle. No other motorhomes in residence and the services seem to be overflowing as well - oh dear!

Photo Cuellar castle

Situated right on the edge of town we were able to give Digger a run off his lead in the adjoining fields and tracks although he seemed quite happy to wander along with us at our pace. We then explored the inner city through and impressive, but brand new, archway into the fortress, building and restoration is going on at a fair old rate and I imagine that this will become very touristy in time.

With the odd very light shower of rain the temperature has been in the mid twenties although more so in the van so a chilled beer was very welcoming while Caro cooked us a chilli and I have the chance to write up our blog, although I can't post it yet as we haven't found any wifi - maybe tomorrow.

Photo Cuellar castle at night

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