Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving on...

Day 10 Wednesday 25th May

We could easily just stayed where we were, the place is beautiful! But we have 'only' another 5 weeks to go and a lot more of Green Spain to explore so we packed up and set off for an Aire that we knew had services as we were now full up again.

Before leaving the island we drove into the centre to see what was there and were nicely surprised to find most of what could be needed - all nicely kept and a lovely port area with very helpful Tourist Office staff who gave us maps, a potted history of the island and again confirmed that motorhomes are welcome to park overnight where we had.

Photo Panorama of the island

An hour or so later we pulled up at Boiro, again on the coast but the last stop had been a very difficult one to beat! We made use of the services and discovered that there was a 6 Euro charge to overnight AND one had to traipse all the way into town to get the compulsory to display ticket! We couldn't be bothered but a Dutch couple that we had just met had enquired at the bar across the road and found out that they had no tickets at the moment so it was OK to stay up to 3 days free - as long as you ask for a ticket first!? No problem then, so we stayed. Not much shade about and the temperatures in the van wouldn't get below 30 degrees.

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