Saturday, May 28, 2011


Day 12 Friday 27th May

Again a leisurely breakfast and we set off for the city of Santiago de Compostela just to see the cathedral as it is so famous. We travelled on some excellent new Autovias, many not known to our TomTom - we just followed signs to Santiago.

It was obvious once we got there that there was going to be little or no chance to park the motorhome so we just viewed the city while drove around its centre a couple of times. Impressive and VERY busy.

We doubled back to an Aire that we were aware of which was located in a supermarket car park. Again no chance of parking as the designated spaces were all taken up by cars, even the service point had a car parked on it - great! On we went to another location at Milladoiro a few`miles away.

This Aire is in a sports centre car park and had plenty of room, for the moment. We had to move position to avoid flying footballs but other than that its a good place to nightstop and, the benefit of free wifi!!!

There are plenty of shops to wander round and that gave us a good walk too. The car park really filled up during the afternoon and evening as people came to use the huge facilities and kids were playing football until about 2 in the morning - apparently, nothing too unusual in this though Spanish kids love football, makes them grow up into world cup champions!

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