Friday, May 27, 2011

South of Valencia to North of Madrid

Day 1 Monday 16th May

As usual when moving from house to motorhome our packing always takes a bit longer than we estimate and we got under way, with a fill up of diesel and a new Cepsa gas cylinder, at about 1pm. With beautiful weather we were straight onto main roads and settled into the journey. Digger took a little while to feel comfortable but eventually found a spot between our seats to snuggle in, its by far the longest journey he has undertaken with us.

Our first day of this trip was a very long stretch at over 600kms but using free 'Autovia' toll free roads the journey was enjoyable with some lovely scenery along the way.

From the Province of Valencia we moved through gently undulating vineyards in Castilla-la-Mancha, huge fields of poppies in full bloom via Cuenca and through the more rugged but lush green (at this time of year) Province of Madrid.

We had a couple of comfort stops and a 15 minute power nap when tiredness set in followed by a stimulating cup of Americano to sharpen me up for the rest of the day.

Photo - Turegano town

TomTom did a great job and we pulled in at our first nightstop at an Aire in Tuegano which is not far from Segovia at around 9pm. We'd seen some pretty grotty photos of this Aire in advance and were pleasantly surprised to see it in the flesh. Its an old cereal mill and a bit run down but the town seems lovely with an enormous and imposing castle and an impressive town square surrounded by ancient houses.

Photo - Mill

As it was so late we just snacked on cheese, pickles and nuts then made the bed (always a chore on the first night) showered and to bed. A good nights sleep for all three of us.

With a great nights sleep we planned our next route and luckily we didn't need to use the services as they were blocked and overflowing! Our Spanish neighbour at the Aire tried to unblock it without success.

Note: All the Aires and stopover locations that we visit will be listed in detail with descriptions and photographs, GPS locations, Google Maps etc. on Club Motorhome as soon as possible.


  1. Lovely so you're on the move again - am jealous
    Is Digger behaving himself?
    Hugs from the Youngmans xxx

  2. Hiya we're having a wonderful trip and Digger is being a very good boy! He's taken to motorhoming pefectly. Hope to catch up with you later in the year. x