Saturday, June 4, 2011

Always up for a challenge (or several)

Day 18 - 2nd of June

We decide to go back up to finish exploring this part of the coast and search for the, so far, elusive quiet bay to overnight at.

Arriving at some known co-ordinates we found it unfriendly to motorhomes so we squeezed an about turn and left Playa de Vega behind. Wanting to hug the coastline we ignored TomTom and turned in where we saw a solitary motorhome parked in a campsite, as we were getting near to needing laundry services we found the entrance to the campsite to ask about its facilities. Establishing that it would cost us 22 Euros for one night we again about turned and tried further along the coast at San Pedro. Great parking area but sadly behind 2 metre barriers so we had a quick walk round and moved on, squeezing across a very narrow bridge with aonly a couple of inches to spare at the sides.

As we sped along decent roads but away from the coast Caroline pointed out that there were many signs pointing to individual beaches and that maybe we should just pick one and go for it...... Playa de Cuerres came up and we turned in, before long the road became single track and then more of a cart track then when it looked like becoming a foot track I gave in and reversed very carefully out with only inches clearance from stone walls either side. After a while I was able to turn round and we headed back to the main road, Caroline said she would keep her suggestions to herself from then on :)

Our next port of call was Ribadesella which is quite a smart seaside town. We did see one motorhome in a car park but it was really too busy to crowd in as well. Coming out of the town we again squeezed along tiny streets made even worse by the ridiculous parking of the Spanish, Caroline hung out the window to offer advice as we just crept through the gaps.

Determined to find somewhere we again turned off towards a beach, the road looking to be sensible this time. We saw a motorhome parked at the roadside in the distance but thought it was too far from the beach. We then found out why it had gone no further - access to the beach was through a hole in the rock lower than his roof. As we were a little lower and with Caroline walking infront I squeezed under the rock very slowly hoping to not remove any roof fittings.

Photo - Hole in rock entrance

Success! And the reward was to park up in a lovely little sheltered cove - Playa de Cuevas Del Mar it was and what a lovely find too!

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