Saturday, June 4, 2011


Day 14 Sunday 29th May

What a fantastic place to be when the blinds are opened!

I took Digger for a run on the beach - him not me :) and there was only one other person about even though it was after 9.

PHOTO Beach in the morning

We had a leisurely breakfast (as always these days) and went for another walk along the rocky headland to where there is a memorial cross at the end. The seascape from here is just stunning!

Back at the motorhome we made ready and set TomTom for the next location, a possible nightstop but as it was still early we just pulled in for a look at a lovely little port.

Driving along this coastline just takes in one bay after another, beautiful wite beaches and because of the superb weather the sea is as turquoise as could be. Caroline said that she wished I would take her somewhere nice..... she was definitely joking!

We pressed on and travelled miles off the beaten track towards a headland and ended up at a very isolated lighthouse where we had lunch and let Digger off his lead for a run... He must have got the scent of rabbits because he was off instantly in pursuit, all but disappearing into the distance. This used to worry us when we first took him on but we have gained confidence in that this is just what he does and comes back when he's had enough - or thinks we might have wandered off without him!

PHOTO Lighthouse

It was pretty bleak at the lighthouse so we moved on again and decided to get back onto some main roads to get to a known Aire and nightstop a couple of hours away. We were looking forward to staying this Aire as it was billed as being a bit special.

En-route it started to rain but as this was only the second time we'd had any since we left home we didn't mind at all. As we approached our destination at La Coruna TomTom directed us past some refineries and heavy industry and with only a kilometre or so to go we found it hard to believe that we were nearly at our stop. We were then directed along some ever narrowing and rough lanes until we arrived at some gypo camp! Abandoned and part dismantled vans scattered about with overflowing bins in abundance and we only had a few hundered metres to go! We decided to go no further and reversed our way back until we could turn around.

We tried to put the co-ordinates in again but the route kept coming up the same so we tried the road name and that gave us a clue or at least a slightly different route, a little later we saw a sign and arrived where we were supposed to be.

Hardly special but a proper area to nightstop. The area to park is steeply sloping and looking out to sea.... past a grotty (closed) restaurant/bar and little industrial port. The air is heavy with the stink of the local refineries. I have to admit that the declining weather conditions did not help with the overall impression of the place.

At least the sun appeared as it set on the horizon.

PHOTO Sunset

As it is Sunday paella (something of a tradition with us) is on our menu and as Caro rightly deserved a break from the cooking I did the prep and cooking instead, she did the washing up though.......

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