Saturday, June 4, 2011

Going East

Day 15 Monday 30th May

The weather was a little better in the morning, but as I walked Digger I noticed more of the grubbiness of the area, the next car park had 3 decaying cars parked in one corner, a track we walked along was strewn with the remains of previous nights out (!) and some boy racer was making a pratt of himself skidding his (or maybe not his?) car up and down the gravel - no wonder our new Spanish acquaintance Miguel had recommended not overnighting here.

The service point was good though so we filled and emptied as required and set off into the city to the point Miguel had told us that was better to stay at. He was right, a busy area on the clifftops by the Tower of Hercules but its where we will happily stay next time we're in the area.

Although we hadn't travelled far time was getting on so we lunched here and then set off for our next destination further along the coast, Cedeiro Port.

We drove along the coast road as much as possible and both felt that this northern coastline was not a patch on the western side with its coves and beaches and when we arrived at Cedeiro Port we parked near another motorhome and went off for a wander. The place seemed quite picturesque with boats moored out in the estuary but just had a down at heel feel to it, coupled with the traffic hurtling up and down the port road on noisy cobblestones we decided to move on again.

We knew of an Aire an hour or so along the coast at Burela so headed there. En-route the rain started and the clouds descended to make the area look even more bleak and when we pulled into Burela we found the Aire which was adjacent to a hospital and otherwise surrounded by excavations and building works - oh well you have to take the rough with the smooth....

We walked around the town in the drizzle, saw the scruffy port and wandered back. We turned in early with the background scent of damp dog!

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