Friday, May 4, 2012

Denia and Calpe Motorhome meet 2012

The first week at the Denia aire was great. Beach walking for Digger, a fine local tapas bar which we were very happy to introduce some fellow members to.

Those that played it safe ordering bocadillos etc were quite obviously envious with our groups choices of a selection of the freshest local tapas - when in Spain and all that!

Saturday was the giant paella day and very good it was too. the owners of the Aire supplied this free to us and it was much appreciated. Following the paella we drew our raffle which had made a total of €132 - Thank you again all those that contributed.

All too soon the first week was over and we all (well, nearly all) transferred to the Aire at Calpe for the second week. Another 'super' Aire and within a few minutes walk to the beach and bars, restaurants etc.

Calpe Aire

To the left hand side of the resort is a coastal walk which wends its way along the rocky coastline...

Rocky coastline

And, at the other end of the walk is a bar!.....

Bar with JockandRita, caromac, neilmac and BillGA attending...

The resort beach is very nice too, the setting is a lovely bay with the huge Calpe Rock to one side.

Life's a beach :)

During this second week C7KEN excelled himself again with the entertainment and meal at one of the beachside restaurants. This coincided with it being caromac's birthday and she (we) was really touched that some of the group had arranged a special cake for her..

Happy Birthday Caromac!

We had a real blast for these 2 weeks and are really looking forward to next year's event already....... C7KEN has said that he will not be doing another so.... we are going to do a smaller informal meet in April next year (see A Taste of Spain 2013).

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