Sunday, May 19, 2013

Campsite Wardens

A slight change of direction for my blog....

This summer caromac and I have become..... campsite wardens!

We normally spend a lot of each year touring in our motorhome and a lot of the year is spent in Spain but there's always an annual trip to the UK for MOT and service etc (and to visit family and friends of course) which avoids the hottest times when in southern areas. Well this year we decided to spend the whole of the summer in the UK and thought we would try incorporating our motorhome interests into this plan.

I thought I would blog about our experience because we have found out by friends' reactions to our plans, that a lot of people seem to think it would be an ideal occupation for them too but not many actually progress to doing it - so I'll tell it how it is, to offer encouragement (or discouragement) to others .

A couple of months ago Caromac drafted a suitable CV for us as a couple and emailed it to all the campsite job vacancies that we could find - we ignored the ones that offered just a free pitch in return for work, we intended to actually earn a living while doing this!

We had a very encouraging response and shortlisted a couple of opportunities and, following a telephone interview we were offered jobs at a lovely campsite/holiday park in Cornwall. A start date was agreed and we arrived a few days in advance to settle in and get our bearings. We have been allocated a fully serviced hardstanding and we actually have a sea view across the park, so we're delighted!

With no previous campsite warden experience we are quite happy to be considered newbies and the other couple who share the wardens duties with us have been explaining and showing us the ropes as this is their 3rd year here.

Today was our first working day and we were shown our cleaning duties which form the mainstay of our jobs. With the site being so nice and the facilities modern the cleaning doesn't look like its going to be too difficult. Normal routines will involve around 16-20 hours of work each per week but there will always be other jobs available which are optional. There are 2 consecutive days off each week and we both have the same days so there should be plenty of free time to enjoy the facilities and explore the area. We're fortunate to have an all-year-round dog friendly beach within 10 minutes walk too.

So here we are, getting paid for work and living in a beautiful part of the countryside in our motorhome.

To be continued.....


  1. Looking forward to reading this. Good luck

  2. Also can I ask why it's been a year since your last blog on here ?

  3. Hi Rich, thanks for your good wishes.

    No one reason for not blogging for a while other than being very busy webmastering on Club Motorhome and initially, it was quite nice to not blog while travelling for a change.

    Blogging becomes a habit and I got out it for the year :)