Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All Change

Recently we spent our last night in our wonderful motorhome..... The next night we spent the first night in our wonderful motorhome!

After a long, long while of indecision we finally made our minds up and put our beloved Bel-Air up for sale, we had a replacement in mind but as always the figures to change had to work. We had a guide price to part exchange from a dealer who had what we wanted but felt we needed a bit more and placed some classifieds.

After a couple of weeks of enquiries without a serious one amongst them we visited the dealer for a serious viewing and a serious chat..... We definitely wanted to deal and with some negotiating the p/ex figure was raised and some goodies were included so we shook hands!

With some mixed and excited feelings we became the very pleased and proud owners of our new (to us) motorhome - a Carthago.

We arranged the changeover for a week later and decided to visit friends at a campsite reasonably nearby in the meantime. The week dragged by and the anticipation grew but eventually the day came and we made our way back to the dealer. After the formalities and the handover instructions we spent a couple of hours transferring our various bits of kit - hadn't realised just how much stuff we carried!

All done, I cautiously drove away glancing back at our Bel-Air in the mirrors - a strange feeling, that motorhome meant such a lot to us......

We returned to our friends' for a couple of nights to try it all out and I think we have got the hang of most of it, but time will tell - there's certainly a lot more stuff to know about.

From there we went on a quick family visit in Wales and stayed at our featured Pub Stopover at the Anchor Inn next to the ruins of Tintern Abbey.

A great night and a great stopover! Friendly staff, great food and some great ales - highly recommended!

Next morning after bacon rolls from the tearoom we headed back to Norfolk and 'squeezed' the van onto its official parking space.

A bit on the tight side so its a good job we're away in it so much

We're going to be busy personalising the van and some other things then we'll be heading back into Europe to start the next chapter of our adventures....


  1. Nice van Neil .... enjoy your travels. You need to do some weeding first though? Is that weeds on your parking space?

  2. Thanks Arthur, not sure if they're weeds or not......