Sunday, September 6, 2015

Planning? What planning?

We don’t normally plan much for upcoming travels, only the destination and an idea of the route along the way.

This trip is a little different because we will be touring in a big loop with the start being the same as the finish. That is, we’re not just going from A to B, we’re going from A to A! - With loads of places in between…

There is no real time pressure on this trip either other than a couple of commitments in December, although still in the motorhome and at the tail end of this trip. So that’s a good 3 months to wander about.

So we set off mid September(ish) from south of Valencia for the rest of the year…

Caromac has the right idea, when I said I was going to sort out some potential stopovers she asked why? “We only need the first one, after that we’ll see what we find”. Okay then, but the map gives an idea as to where we’ll be looking!

Although the basic map shows about 2500 kms distance we’ll do rather more as we seek out more stopovers to log/photograph/video and hopefully we’ll spend some time at the ones we fancy.

Other than being packed and loaded the van is ready for the off. We hope to have most angles covered regarding internet access while we’re away so we can keep in touch with folks, update our blog from time to time and generally take care of the Club Motorhome website - response times to queries may be a day or two instead of an hour or two!

So, with our route and stopovers ‘not' planned (well very vaguely anyway) we’re getting pretty excited about setting off.

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  1. Sounds fantastic. We're doing the exact road trip for the first time in two weeks. The only difference is we will be looking for our future home in spain.

    How easy is it to freedom camp in the motor home,ie getting fresh water etc.

    Good luck and have a great time.